Bridges was founded by two journalists who saw an opportunity to offer effective communications counsel based on deep understanding of the media’s content requirements and their preferred ways of working. Our proprietary way of pitching ensures a high pick-up rate as well as consistent message landing.

Every member of the Bridges team keeps their edge in PR and publishing – the latter through our sister company Bridges Publishing that publishes two consumer glossy magazines. We regularly receive press releases and pitches from other PR companies. This allows us to stay up-to-date with current trends and ahead of the curve in PR industry standards. Our directors also string for local and regional trade and mainstream press, while maintaining strong relationships with key media covering our clients’ industries.

Beyond the press, we understand how other marketing tools such as advertisements, direct mailers and social media come together to create compelling campaigns that generate greater brand awareness and affinity. Our expertise extends to publishing, social media content development and community management.

Having built a strong client base locally, Bridges is now expanding in the region on a hub and spoke model. Bridges Singapore drives strategy and acts as custodian of the client relationship, while our regional offices oversee local execution. To meet the needs of clients needing regional representation, we currently have an office in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and associates in Bali and Jakarta (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines) and Bangkok (Thailand).