We work harder than most PR agencies to produce results.

Bridges offers a guaranteed return on investment (ROI) for traditional and digital media relations projects. Depending on the nature of the project and the target media, Bridges will guarantee anywhere from three to 10 times the Client’s investment.

For example, for a Client investing $30,000 in a consumer project targeting lifestyle media, we will guarantee coverage valued at a minimum of $100,000 based on the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of the coverage and without any industry multipliers. If we fail to reach the stipulated target we will forfeit a percentage of our fee. We are also happy to implement other kinds of ROI for their campaigns other than that based on AVE such as number of clippings, etc.

With some clients we have negotiated performance-based contracts with a minimum target. If we do not hit the target, we forfeit a percentage of our fees. On the other hand, if we surpass a target, we receive a bonus. So far we have received several bonuses but never had to forfeit anything.

The reason we confidently offer ROI guarantees is we take a much more proactive approach to media relations. We don’t just send out a press release and hope that we get some coverage. We craft news pitches that journalists simply can’t resist.

News pitches are story proposals formatted to make the journalists’ job easy. We suggest an angle, supply a newsmaker or two to flesh it out, support it with statistics, research, suggested interview questions, visuals and everything else a journalist might need to write and run the story. For B2B media in medical, dental and related manufacturing industries, we sometimes even write complete articles for the media to run ad verbatim.